Redesign of Website

As I cannot talk about Dreams because of the NDA apart from the stuff they have shown and talked about on the stream (and in case I get that wrong, I will just not discuss it now) I have used the time to implement a few tutorial starts and a redesign of the style to match the one I used for Project Spark. It makes more sense, now that the site is not just a blog and has tutorial content, to make it searchable from every page. I am going to advertise this widely and hopefully Dreams people will come to find the best YouTube Dreams tutorial content. (Assuming it is made – I have no real doubt of that). I may be adding to the tutorials with very basic stuff as I learn myself. You get my knowledge as it is. I may not come up with the best, or “proper” solution – but if it gets it done I can always change it when I am more advanced.

The site and menus will evolve further as I refine the categorisation of the tutorials for ease of discovery. If you have any ideas or comments on that I would be happy to hear them.


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