More Beta Tricks and Creations

Created on Twitch: Friday 11th January 2019

Youtube video to follow when launched.

2nd and 3rd wave of Beta codes announcement, a look at favourite Beta creations and some tutorial tips.

Beta creations:

  • Dreamscape by AGACY
  • New Year’s in the Neon City by Lidas
  • New Year’s Resolutions by Stacey jb_6
  • Book of the Dragon by Tomek_Mrozinski
  • Follow Me by Cubixphere
  • Flying Car by pap1_59
  • Button Smashing (Minigame) by Hanfi131
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Face by RabidJellyfish
  • TROPICAL EGG HUNT by leklack
  • The Classical Order by sdcxsfa
  • Gold Valley by RabidJellyfish
  • Don’t Sneeze by calabitale
  • Painterly Cool Boy by Flipyap
  • Retro Runner V1.1 by ATMLVE
  • Tyrannosaurus Sculpt by KiaraKatt
  • Tyrannosaurus  KiaraKatt Sculpt cutout  and rigged example by HeartFactory_KW
  • Crooked Anne by PlasticDuck963
  • Cute Robot by roga89
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE MONSTER by DiamondDiancie10
  • Mr Pork by PlasticDuck963
  • Robot Ver.02 by CuriousDark
  • Synth Rock Groove by JKLangania
  • Dernier Girl j_plusb
  • String Beans by StrictSubstitute
  • Kick Drum Hypnosis by SAC_686
  • Stickman by stayj
  • Bulbo Squidtash McCakeHat by Aratiatia
  • Single House by Ninja Trouille
  • Swimming Puppet Demo by Pookachoo
  • Adjustable Glass Window by OgTheClever
  • PS4 Controller interactive (+effects) by ruolbu
  • Tec-Crossbow V1.0 by Lightcaster
  • Composite Shark by Jaymian_actual
  • Heart UI by jmaddavey
  • Anime Eye 1.0 Blue Lashes by DiamondDiancie10
  • FootPrint Logic – Remizable by narvicgutten
  • SplitScreen Prototype by amchornet76
  • Physical-Reactive Grass Logic Remixable by narvicgutten
  • Extra Janky Walk Animation Test by GrimInPink
  • Impys Quest by Larres
  • Virus Defend the DataBase by avtar109
  • WIP Souls-Like V1.7.5 by Morning-Nya
  • Norwegian Winter by soft473
  • Lary the fairy by electrofawn
  • Pinstripe by PlasticDuck963
  • Scallywag by electrofawn
  • Magical Chessboard by Sakkaku-Sama

Tutorials start at 49:07


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