Looking after your health while playing Dreams.

It is important that you do not get carried away with playing Dreams for long stretches of time as it can affect your health in a detrimental way. Take regular breaks away from the screen, and do stretching exercises. The minute and concentrated movements you are making with your controllers (DS4 or Move) may cause you long term pain in your wrists, shoulders, neck and elbows if you do not make sure you move them around during the breaks (even if it hurts, and you should absolutely do them if they do hurt). You could develop RSI or a frozen shoulder if you are not careful, and that takes 18 months to recover from. So be sensible while you play.

Here is a good selection of drawings from the Etherington Brothers with exercises for wrists.

For shoulders, grab your elbow, bring your arm up to touch your opposite shoulder and pull the elbow up, sliding your hand round your neck, you should feel that pull on the neck and shoulder. Do this 10 times. Below is another illustration of some exercises to help you stretch after sitting staring at your Playstation.

Flashing lights from the screen can also be bad for those with epilepsy or headaches and migraines. Take regular breaks away from the screen. And no, 3 hours is not a regular break!

If you feel a headache coming on, and you have no medical allergies or conditions that would prevent you, take a painkiller immediately (do not wait until it gets worse – first sign of a headache you should take that Ibruprofen or other to prevent a more painful episode). Stop. I know you dont want to, but if you have been concentrating too hard and it has given you a headache you need to stop now. Go listen to some music or go for a walk. Do not go back to the screen until the headache has completely gone. This may be the next day. Don’t yell unfair, at me! If you go back to it too early the headache will return and will be worse the second time.

Do the little arm and hand stretches every 30 mins
Break from looking at the screen every hour and take the opportunity to walk about a bit. Keep hydrated. Get a drink.

Keep yourself well and you can play all day and not feel like you have been involved in a car crash.

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