Tips, Tricks and Beta Creations

Twitch Stream: Friday 4th January

Media Molecule have a look at some favourite Beta creations and give us some tips about character modelling.

Character Design Tutorial starts at 48:20 -1:16:25 see Basic Character Design

Beta Creations 
Winter Search by AuntieRich
Big Ben is Late for New Years by Emporuto
Little Witch by Hokube-kotosan
Totally Normal Horse by Puddin482
Time Corruption by SlurmMackenzie
Connies Weird Adventure by Keduko
Sculpt and Tool Practice by MadGfx_Snaggs
mad0gfx Mechanical Drone.V1.1 by Fahran1979
The Quantum Donut by RabidJellyfish
Panda Demo by Pookachoo
Sug the Candy Cotton Baby by chellssey
Stan Lee by MadAtArms
Donut look at my legs by sushiformypain
The Rake by j_plusb
Conmind by Krosso
Sheilah by Bevis2
Polarity by SlurmMackenzie
Emperor cat statue by Ninja Trouville
Pixel Boy Character by redwingrspo
2d Jack -v1.5 by Paulo_Lameiras
Cranky Badger by MomoFerret
Bucket by PlasticDuck963
Beechy the Penguin by Vasuri83
CRAB MAN: Destroyer of Worlds by GidiGoatGuy
The Offroad Lands – A Driving Adventure by Majoneskongen
JUMPSOULS by COB-Commander
Starry Night by TheOneironaut
Chaotic Pendulum by phort
A Night in Paris by Pacopato108
Granny Snail by DIamondDiancie10
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by mohsenix
Chimp by Dreeko
Stranded by SnowHermit
Rock Hero by j_plusb (was renamed Fret Star)
The Lost Box by Decdot NOT SHOWN
Container adventure by espen_tf
Warmth on a Desolate Mountain Slope (Scenery) by marcilein98
Neonmancer by henryhopkinbrown
Dreamiverse Dash: Catastrophic by KeldBjones
Sass pup v1.1 by Samermind



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