World Building with Kareem

Showed on Twitch: 28th November 2018
Put on YouTube: 29th November 2018

Kareem gave Twitter users a poll to choose the topic of his world build. They chose High Fantasy. In this video Kareem builds a fortress in a lava pit completely from scratch (no pre-made assets are used).

My Thoughts

Although Media Molecule said that they would not be making a Beta announcement during this stream there were still a lot of viewers left disappointed that there was no new information. At this stage, these streams with Media Molecule staff making things has become less interesting and more frustrating for many, as all we want now is to have the game in our hands. Kareem making some rocks, a building and sculpting a gargoyle has been done many times before, and there was a distinct feeling of deja vu, especially if you had seen the last 2 Dream Streams (Werewolf and Halloween). To be honest I was not all that impressed with the resulting scene as it looked very much like it was being improvised on the fly and not planned out. If you had never seen Dreams being used this way it may have been interesting to watch, but for those who have followed Media Molecule for the past 3 years, this was nothing new, and quite honestly a wasted opportunity. There are parts of Dreams they have not shown us very much of, and although Kareem is very good at sculpting Anubis-like sculptures, I would rather we had someone making a stop frame animation or developing a cut scene, than seeing yet another painterly sculpture with no moving parts. I do not feel we learnt anything new from this stream, and if anything the repetitiveness of the content is not helping with the marketing. I am hoping that going forward they will be using these streams to demonstrate different techniques (and not just sculpture) to show the versatility of their engine.



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