A year of inspirational themes

Editors Note:

Due to lack of any interest, and because of the weekly Dreams game jams this exercise is now suspended. (This list was started before the Beta and Early Access and was mainly for Project Spark Team Club members, and it was not known that there would be weekly Gamejams on Dreams . The PSTC do not participate in the theme of the month any more either, so I am sadly cancelling this.)

Inspired by Inktober and their daily prompt list I am going to issue a 12 month theme list for creatives to inspire them to make things in Dreams, Project Spark and any other creative program of their choice. This is the list for 2019.
For Dreams creatives.
Make your level, character or object and tag it with LexApril2019 or whatever month you are taking part in. You can also reply to my theme of the month tweet with a screenshot or just the name of your level to make sure I see it. I will create a collection in Dreams of all participants and make a video for my YouTube channel. If I get no participation then I will use Dreams to find levels that match the theme. There are no prizes or winners, it is just a fun activity to inspire you to make things in your favourite creative programs.



JANUARY – Pyramid Adventure
Egypt, or South America, Adventurous Archaeologists to Ancient Gods

FEBRUARY – Moon City
Create your own moon base, with or without aliens

MARCH – Candy Land
Unleash your inner Willy Wonka

APRIL – Island of the Dead
From zombies to skeletons to ghostly shipwrecks

MAY – All the fun of the fair
Fairground rides and theme parks. Create the ultimate attraction.

JUNE – Underwater Kingdom
From underwater realism to mermaid fantasies and sunken cities

JULY – Wizard War
Fantasy battles and duels with your favourite wizards and witches

AUGUST – Day at the Zoo
Create your own zoo from realistic animals to the mythical and invented

SEPTEMBER – City of Heroes
Create your own super heroes in a city to rival Gotham and Metropolis

OCTOBER – Mad Scientist
For all budding Frankensteins. Create the creepiest laboratory for Halloween

NOVEMBER – London Fog
Victorian London at its darkest. From Sherlock Holmes to Jack the Ripper.

DECEMBER – Land of Ice and Snow
Create a Winter Wonderland of fantasy or realism


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