Media Molecule’s Halloween Spooktacular (w/Breakdowns)

On Twitch: Friday 26th October 2018
On YouTube: 29th October 2018

Media Molecule (dressed in their Halloween costumes) carve virtual pumpkins, show off Halloween themed levels and music.

My thoughts

I watched this live and for the most part found this enjoyable, but at an hour and 40 minutes it went on a little too long. MM streams do tend to come across as a little under rehearsed, and often they start showing things that they are not prepared for, cannot find, or just plain make a mess of, so be prepared for some minor failures to show stuff and haphazard guest spots. Having said all that there were a lot of gems in this stream. I particular liked the headless horseman which was genuinely hilarious, the idea that we can make our own dolls house models from the box forma, and the Heavy Metal Halloween tune. This stream was mainly Media Molecule showing off their creations and not really demonstrating anything particularly new, and definitely not giving anything away regarding launch or beta dates. As much as I am happy to see new things, this sort of stream is becoming a little bit tiresome as watching other people create is nowhere near as much fun as doing it yourself. And we still can’t.

0:13 Introductions with Abbie Heppe and Tom Dent (floating skull head)
1:24 Remixing a voice
2:45 Kitty Powers carves a pumpkin
9:27 Alex Perry shows us “So spoopy” (bear eating candy corn)
12:03 Alex Perry show us “gost” (a fluffy ghost model)
12:46 Abbie Heppe shows us “ghosts” (ghosts and spiders)
16:18 Alex Perry carves a pumpkin
18:40 Miguel shows us “The Francest” (Foxy adventure in the desert)
22:09 Miguel carves a pumpkin
23:24 Tom Dent shows us a scythe model
24:14 Tom Wild plays his Halloween music
30:27 Kitty Powers plays “The House on Spook Lane” by Declan somebody (puzzle horror)
39:39 Tom Wild carves a pumpkin
41:53 Abbie Heppe shows us “Haunted Doll House” (a set design)
46:03 Kareem Ettouney sculpts a gargoyle model
1:11:46 Dan Goddard’s house artwork
1:12: 51 Kevin Watt shows us his “Halloween Horseman” (a horse and talking skeleton rider)
1:16:17 Kitty Powers carves another pumpkin
1:25:38 Tom plays “Zomb Frances” by Costa  (Frances as a zombie)
1:28:45 Kevin Watt carves a pumpkin
1:38:19 Goodbyes


Lucid Stew’s Video Breakdown


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