Made by the Molecules 2 (w/Breakdowns)

First streamed on Twitch 11 Oct 2018
Posted to YouTube on 12 Oct 2018

Media Molecule designers show off some of their creations.

0:14 Introductions
0:48 Jon Eckersley talks about the GameInformer cover
5:15 Tom Dalloway shows us Dr Rendezvous
18:46 Bogdan Vera show us Commander Melon
26:36 Bogdan Vera shows us Jumpspace
34:40 Ed Hargrave shows us an unnamed first person shooter
44:00 Ed Hargrave shows us Please Hug Me Deluxe Overdrive
50:21 Start of Q&A
58:36 End

Lucid Stew’s Video Breakdown

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