Game Informer interview with Alex Evans (229 Questions) Transcript

Here is the transcript of the interview Alex Evans gave Game Informer magazine. It is pretty long with lots of very important insights. With thanks to QuietlyWrong for the proofread. They said it was 229 questions, I dont think it is, but here it is.

Original Video can be found here:

Q1 Are you a good sport?
A1 I am terrible at sport

Q2 What is Dreams?
A2 It is a sketchbook

Q3 Honestly though are you guys just trying to sell people a game engine?
A3 A game engine with a game

Q4 Dreams sounds great but do you realise we are not really smart enough to make things in your game?
A4 You dont need to be smart you just need to be mad

Q5 You know that just photo mode alone stresses people out right?
A5 But then you see what they do with Spider man, and you think wow if that’s what they can do with Spider man what can they do in Dreams.

Q6 What is the ideal percentage of consumers versus creators in Dreams?
A6 I’d be happy if 1% of people are making great shit, but I hope it will be higher

Q7 How long are the tutorials going to be?
A7 So, so very long

Q8 Really?
A8 These tutorials are fun but there are a lot of them

Q9 Are we talking hours?
A9 Like aeons

Q10 And promise they will be fun?
A10 I swear, on my mother’s grave

Q11 Are 3D games technically easier to make than 2D games in Dreams?
A11 No, 3D is easier than 2D

Q12 But you can make 2D games?
A12 Yes

Q13 Can you make 8bit games?
A13 There’s a button make it 8 bit. I made it.

Q14 Do you know what games people really want to play?
A14 What games is that tell me.
R14 I have no idea I was hoping you could tell me

Q15 How many times have you answered a question that starts “can I make…”
A15 The answer is always yes. Some things are easier than others

Q16 Can I make 1st person shooters?
A16 Yes

Q17 Can I make a pinball game?
A17 Yes

Q18 Can I make a collectable card game?
A18 Yes

Q19 Can I make my Dad appreciate me?
A19 Buy him flowers and a bottle of whisky. He’ll go for one of them

Q20 Can I make a Battle Royale?
A20 Yes. Online multiplayer isn’t day one but it’s coming later.

Q21 Can you make Little Big Planet in Dreams?
A21 That is a good idea. Raised eyebrow.

Q22 No-one’s done it yet?
A22 No comment

Q23 So are you going to be surprised when Dreams comes out?
A23 Many

Q24 And some games can be just short films in Dreams?
A24 Yes they don’t need to be games

Q25 Is there a limit to how long a film can be made in Dreams?
A25 No. And in fact you can make 1000 levels a map, no 100 levels a map and then you could put 100 maps in a map each with 100 levels and you could put 100 of those in a hundred maps, so you could make a level that is like 100 to the power of 4 which is a hundred thousand million levels long. So if each level is a scene then that’s a few years.

Q26 Will you have community film contests?
A26 Great idea. We will now.

Q27 Do you think news agencies are going to use Dreams to reenact current events?
A27 Yes totally that would be great.We are down with that.

Q28 Can you create unwinnable levels?
A28 Yes

Q29 So are streamers going to have to create their own jump scares in Dreams?
A29 Well they can reuse other people’s jump scares as long as they are not tired and old ones.

Q30 Honestly, what is something you just could not make in Dreams. That are just right out?

Q31 How the fuck are we supposed to review this?
A31 No idea. You are all doomed I love it.

Q32 So we can just make the games that the game industry wont make?
A32 That is a great idea.

Q33 So technically we can make Legend of Dragoon 2?
A33 Yes.Dungeon Keeper 3

Q34 Overblood 3?
A34 And 4 and 5

Q35 Oh my Gosh. The new Twisted Metal?
A35 Yes

Q36 WarHawk?
A36 Well maybe inspired by.

Q37 Can we make Half Life 3?
A37 We already made it. Announcement. Revealed. Can you morph me into Gabe at that moment.

Q38 Technically we can make Epistle 3 right?
A38 Episode 9 something

Q39 Can you put knights in your Dreams?
A39 You can do knights at night.

Q40 Can you make trophy farming games?
A40 Eh, no.

Q41 Are there going to be a bunch of levels like in LBP where it’s all about popping the bubbles
A41 Yes and I am sure there will be kind of memes and things like in LBP heart for heart, I’ll heart your level if you heart mine, but I dont know what the Dreams equivalent is going to be.

Q42 Do you have any message out there for the fans that are going to get legally dangerously close to making Star Wars games within Dreams?
A42 Dont do that.

Q43 Dont go near Star Wars?
A43 Dont go near Star Wars, Disney. Avoid.

Q44 Public domain characters you’d like to recommend people work with in Dreams?
A44 I honestly think Dreams should be like about your Dreams. Make your Dreams.

Q45 How do you get in the mood to create stuff?
A45 Our game is there as a Trojan horse to get you creating. So you play our game. It’s fun.But you can do better.

Q46 Working at Media Molecule do you just go home at night and just pick off glitter and pieces of felt from your clothes?
A46 Well when we were making Tearaway absolutely yes. When we are making Dreams I just stagger home and fall asleep.

Q47 To make your dream?
A47 To make my dreams.

Q48 Is it going to be compatible with Playstation VR?
A48 It is.

Q49 At launch?
A49 Yes.

Q50 I understand that everything in Dreams is made within Dreams, but seriously what engine is Dreams made in?
A50 It’s called the BubbleBath Engine. It was named by a community.

Q51 Dont you want to cheat and make something outside of the tools of Dreams and kind of slip it in real quick?
A51 Every time Dreams doesn’t do something that our designers want we sneak it in. Dont tell Siobhan.

Q52 Who’s Siobhan?
A52 The one that says no.

Q53 Did you know I could just download Unreal for free?
A53 Yes. It’s different from Unreal. It’s like if Unreal took a left turn a few years ago and just went into Crazy Town. That’s Dreams.

Q54 What’s the weirdest thing Shu’s ever made?
A54 He hasn’t made anything yet. But when Shu put the VR helmet on the first time he is like “It’s so fuzzy”

Q55 What was this all about (shows clip of convention demonstration with band characters)
A55 Performance. We keep losing track of what Dreams is. We keep putting ourselves back in on performance. Everything has got to be a performance so let’s do a gig. That’s what that was about.
R55 Can I be honest with you though. We didn’t know what that was about.
A55 Nor did we.

Q56 What’s that mode called when you are rapid fire running through Dreams?
A56 Dream Surfing.

Q57 So it’s like a built in Wario ware function within Dreams?
A57 And its 3 stories interwoven in the order the storymakers wanted it.

Q58 Can you change that limit to make like I only want to see 5 seconds of a dream and then I want to move on?
A58 No. Because the creator intended it to be seen a certain way.We have to respect the creator man.

Q59 Can all these games kinda feel like Gamejam games?
A59 No. Some of them I think will be long-form experiences.

Q60 How did you guys get the Dreams licence?
A60 The Dreams licence?
R60 That’s right.
A60 #Confused look

Q61 What was this project called before Dreams?
A61 It was called Dream without the ‘s’
R61 Was it really?
A61 The project filename you know when you go file save. I dont know what to…D it’s called D.

Q62 The original codename was just D?
A62 We rebooted it and it’s now called DD. The sequel is going to be called DDD
R62 The king itself.

Q63 Will playing this game make me feel like I’ve been accidentally missing out on every Math class this semester?
A63 Eh, no.

Q64 What are your reoccurring dreams?
A64 There was one about this…I can’t repeat that.
R64 Are you sure you can’t repeat it?
A64 Apparently when I was a school kid I used to wake up going “what’s that feeling, feeling, feeling Mr Header Creator” I have no idea what that means

Q65 Mr Header Creator? What the fuck does that mean?
A65 I have no idea

Q66 Are you going to make the Header Creator within Dreams?
A66 #laugh Yes. And he is going to be terrifying.

Q67 We can’t just stop at 75 rapid fire questions right?
A67 114? These are great questions by the way

Q68 Do you like hearing about other people’s dreams?
A68 Er..Not normally. But in Dreams I do.

Q69 Does Dreams support a keyboard and mouse on PS4?
A69 Keyboard yes, mouse no.

Q70 Why’s that?
A70 You don’t need a mouse you’ve got a Dualshock, way more buttons.

Q71 Is it possible we will ever see a version of Dreams on PC?
A71 #laugh Can I just raise an eyebrow?

Q72 What does that mean?
A72 No. Honest.

Q73 Even if it was just like playing the levels?
A73 No

Q74 Is this your call. Is there any way I can convince you to make it happen?
A74 No.

Q75 Can we input audio into Dreams?
A75 Yes

Q76 And I can put music tracks on a thumb drive and export them from Dreams right?
A76 There is no explicit export to audio so use the share button

Q77 So make a video and rip the audio from that video?
A77 Yes

Q78 Are you guys gonna create like a funky Playstation One polygonal style template for Dreams creations?
A78 That’s a nice idea. Yes. We should do something like that.

Q79 What Playstation One game do you think would be the easiest to recreate in Dreams?
A79 I was a Wipeout boy.

Q80 Can you do it?
A80 Yeh!

Q81 What about IQ? Do you remember IQ?
A81 What was IQ?
R81 It was like  a puzzle game where cubes went down like bom bom bom bom bom
A81 I havent played that. You know my brain has just gone to like Parappa the Rapper and VibRibbon. Do you remember VibRibbon?

Q82 Oh, Yeh! Can you make that in Dreams?
A82 Yeh. You could make both of those. No problem.

Q83 Isn’t life just one big level creator?
A83 I think we are just making the game of our own lives and that’s the only idea we ever had and that’s Media Molecule.

Q84 You could have just called the game Media Molecule
A84 I hate name Media Molecule

Q85 Why?
A85 I was going to call the company BrainFluff. I mean, what a nightmare. Luckily Mark won with Media Molecule. I hate it but it’s better than BrainFluff.

Q86 Why do you hate it?
A86 I don’t know. I dont like it.

Q87 Can you technically use 2 Playstation Sharpshooters to sculpt things in Dreams?
A87 Oooh. I guess so. I’ve not tried it.

Q88 Wouldn’t that be funny?
A88 Yeh. That would be bizarre

Q89 Can we create our own Playstation Themes?
A89 Not right now.

Q90 Something you are looking into?
A90 I am now.

Q91 Will all games in Dreams run at 60?
A91 Afraid not.

Q92 Does Dreams not run at 60?
A92 Sometimes.The game runs as fast as it can. And if you have a Pro more of the Dreams will run at 60. It goes as quick as it can, it can hit 60 it will. If your game is full of amazing artwork it will probably run at 30. If you put too much amazing artwork in it it will probably go lower than 30 and then everyone will downgrade your level and it will disappear.
R92 Everybody’s going to feel the pain of game developers with comments like make it run at 60 or bust
A92 Yeh feel our pain.

Q93 Could I create so much stuff it crashes my Playstation 4?
A93 No

Q94 Can I play games with my friends?
A94 Yes. Absolutely.

Q95 But just local multiplayer?
A95 Also asynchronous

Q96 Can I make an M rated game within Dreams?
A96 You can. I would advise against publishing it

Q97 Will any nudity be allowed in Dreams?
A97 Not my call.

Q98 Like sculptures, things like that?
A98 You don’t need to do that stuff
R98 Michaelangelo. Cool it.
A98 Generations of painters and sculptors. Do something new.

Q99 Im gonna draw something and you tell me when your moderation would flag it
A99 It’s not my moderation
(interviewer proceeds to draw) Its good…its good…oh my God!

Q100 Is there an option to turn of crunch when your making your own game in Dreams?
A100 We don’t crunch at Media Molecule. That’s too 90’s.

Q101 In the future how will people identify a game that’s made in Dreams. Will there be like a unifying thing where people will be able to pinpoint it?
A101 Yeh. I think Dreams has got a thumbprint. I call it sketchy.

Q102 Are all the games going to be a little bit floaty?
A102 Floaty? No. LBP is the perfect non-floaty jump game. What are you talking about?

Q103 What has been the hardest dev tool to develop in Dreams?
A103 #whispers It was all hard.

Q104 Will Dreams replace paper prototyping for other studios?
A104 Serious mode. That would be cool.

Q105 Do you expect other indie developers to use Dreams to create their Playstation games in the future?
A105 I would love indie game developers to try out Dreams.

Q106 What do other developers think about Dreams have you had any feedback?
A106 They mostly look at us like we’ve just lost our minds.

Q107 Have you?
A107 #Nods

Q108 Has Peter Molyneux played Dreams yet?
A108 Not yet

Q109 Do you think he will?
A109 I can tell you a story about that. He played LBP before we announced it and he said “It’s too ambitious”. And I am going to write that on my gravestone. Peter Molyneux said its too ambitious. That was about LBP. I assume he’ll say the same about Dreams.
R109 His head is going to explode when he sees Dreams
A109 Yes!

Q110 Has Sean Murray played Dreams?
A110 He hasn’t

Q111 Is the door open?
A111 Sean’s always welcome

Q112 Mark Cerny?
A112 He has played it.

Q113 What did he think?
A113 He is more of a kinda quiet guy. I think he likes to tell me he shipped Knack One and Knack Two and I haven’t yet shipped Dreams. Thanks Mark.

Q114 You remember the time that Kojima visited your studio?
A114 I do

Q115 What was that like?
A115 That was very cool. I loved the fact he said he was gonna take the engine from Guerilla and the kitchen from Media Molecule . Yes.

Q116 Did he make anything in Dreams?

Q117 Would Death Stranding be out by now if he had chosen to make it in Dreams rather than the Decima engine?
A117 I was gonna say it would be even more crazy but he’s got babies down people’s throats so…

Q118 Do you guys ever look at other games level creators and just say “oh that’s cute”
A118 Sometimes the team looks at other games level creators., and say “Oh man, that’s really easy and simple”. And I’m like “yeh, but…”

Q119 Did you play Mario Maker?
A119 I did

Q120 Did you like it?
A120 Yeh I did. I have a photo of Miyamoto in front of sign that says Play Create and Share. And I’m like “Yes””

Q121 Was he aware of photos being taken?
A121 They used the same slogan as us. Brilliant

Q122 Did you learn anything from Mario Maker. Did you ever play the game and say like Oh, we never thought of that.
A122 My favourite thing about it is that you can only publish if you can complete it. I think that’s a great idea.

Q123 Were you ever worried about Project Spark?
A123 Creations games are not a zero sum game there is room for all of us.

Q124 Do you like trivia?
A124 No I hate trivia

Q125 Good. Here is a bunch of yes or no questions. Just a bunch of trivia. Were these costumes available as DLC in LBP at any point? 
Question- Response – Answer
Cheetah from DC – yes – yes
Kermit the Frog – no – yes
Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 – no – yes
Screaming Mantis – yes – yes
Werehog – no – yes
Doc Oc(topus) – yes – yes
Gentle Rosenberg – I dont know who he is – yes (It is a character from Men in Black (the small alien inside the human head))
A125 …Pop culture missed me.
R125 Look everyone in pop culture missed that guy’s name was Gentle Rosenberg
A125 It’s news

Q126 Are you gonna sell different costumes as DLC in Dreams?
A126 I dont think so

Q127 Why not?
A127 I dont know

Q128 Even for like the Imp Cursors you wouldnt sell different costumes for those guys?
A128 Nothings been announced.

Q129 Wont playing community built VR levels be a fucking nightmare?
A129 No it will be great.
R129 Scary though
A129 That idea from Mario Maker where you have to complete the level, we will take that for VR. So if you wanna push out a VR game you have to have tried it in VR.

Q130 Which band do you think will be the first to make their music video in Dreams?
A130 Please be someone awesome that I like.

Q131 Who do you want?
A131 Weird German Electronica
R131 You know its going to be OK Go or something like that
A131 Someone really miserable Radiohead winge pop. I love Radiohead. Come on Radiohead

Q132 Can I create destructable environmentts within dreams?
A133 The answer is always yes. How much pain do you want. Quite painful.

Q133 How long before there is online play?
A133 I don’t know

Q134 A year, 6 months, any sort of window?
A134 We could put it out bad tomorrow or put it out good later.

Q135 What will the player count be?
A135 Four maybe eight

Q136 Maybe 8?
A136 If you are nice to me

Q137 And you are sure I can’t play any of the Dreams games on my Switch right?
A137 #laugh We are doing a Commodore 64 version

Q138 Do a lot of folks think you made Kung Fu Chaos?
A138 That is a mistake that has been made

Q139 What is the coolest thing Media Molecule has ever done in their history that people dont know about or talk about enough?
A139 My favourite thing is the Olympic banana. Just Google Olympic Banana

Q140 Is Media Molecule responsible for keeping the Move controllers compatible to Playstation 4. Was that you guys?
A140 No.When we did the crazy trailer that you didn’t know what it was about and it had the move controller in. They said could you take the move controller out, which made me want to put it in more.

Q141 And Playstation VR came around and you guys are well I guess we have to do this now?
A141 I mean no question

Q142 You’re creative dont you just want to grab a camera and go film stuff or ask people questions on your own?
A142 Yeh. Do you want to give me the camera?
R142 Yes
R142 OK (proceeds to show some dodgy camerawork around the MM offices)

Q143 And there is going to be Community creation challenges in Dreams that rotate all the time?
A143 Yes. Every week.

Q144 How long will it take me realistically to make a campaign worthy level in Dreams on my own?
A144 Anything from a day to a year. Do you have any friends?
R144 A couple
A144 OK work with them

Q145 Are you my friend?
A145 No
R145 Dammit this is going to take forever

Q146 So are we going to be levelling up in Dreams. Like getting experience?
A146 Yes. And we have a thing called a persona. You can search for animators – level 90 animator woo!

Q147 Is there a meter for griefer or anything like that? Anything negative that will build up so I will be surprised – Oh I’m an arsehole it turns out.
A147 We dont have the arsehole gauge but maybe we should

Q148 Is there a level cap?
A148 There isn’t actually.

Q149 So, you are levelling up. Like in Dreams you’ll make a tree and Ding!
A149 Yes.

Q150 And there’s a larger story mode in this game too that you guys have made?
A150 Yes

Q151 What’s it about?
A151 It’s about a guy called Art and his dream. I like to think of it as kind of like Media Molecules’s take on Psychonauts.

Q152 Is D-Bug the character in story mode an Astro Bot technically?
A152 Showing on the other side of the show floor and we are like , there is a kinda similarity.

Q153 Not related?
A153 Not related. But they are friends of ours. I love you Nic.

Q154 How big is the campaign?
A154 Massive.

Q155 Really?
A155 43 cm
R155 I heard it was 2-3 hours
A155 Long enough

Q156 Will it have interactable credits?
A156 That’s a great idea

Q157 Will Dreams contained licensed music?
A157 I believe all the music in Dreams is going to be made in Dreams, but we have hired some awesome composers.

Q158 Are gonna like ship a copy of Dreams over to the Go Team
A158 We’ve already done that. Not to the Go Team but yeh that’s how we do it.

Q159 What percentage of the game is a point and click adventure game?
A159 31.7%
R159 That seems high
A159 The campaign mode in Dreams is definitely it’s own thing and I love that. Its not trying to be somebody else’s game

Q160 Even though you said it was like Psychonauts?
A160 #laugh I don’t know why I said that

Q161 Are you sick of everyone constantly making jokes that you guys have been on drugs, creative Media Molecule?
A161 Dreams is our drug. We don’t need drugs.

Q162 You are aware that the first objective in the game Dreams is to chase the dragon though right?
A162 Not my decision

Q163 Is this Art guy’s story gonna make me cry?
A163 Yes

Q164 Really?
A164 Well, did Tearaway make you cry?
R164 Ah, no.

Q165 Are celebrities going to record VO for the game?
A165 I had a list and my top choice was a no.

Q166 What is Stephen Fry up to though, you’d think he’d pick up the phone.
A166 Oh, I’m sure he would.

Q167 Is there going to be a Beta for Dreams?
A167 Yes

Q168 Do you know when it’s coming out?
A168 This year

Q169 Could be December? Could be October?
A169 I think we have already made the December 31st joke – December 29th

Q170 That’s not real though right?
A170 (Shakes head)

Q171 Will the games made in the Beta get wiped before the final release?
A171 No

Q172 Is there Dreams Kart Racing already in the works?
A172 They will be there from Day One

Q173 Dreams is going to cost $60 in the States right?
A173 I dont know. I honestly dont know. Someone knows.

Q174 It’s not like a crazy thing where it could be half the price of a normal game or twice the amount of a normal game?
A174 First of all the decision is not mine, and second of all I don’t know what the decision will be.

Q175 Really though, how can I make money off this thing?
A175 You can’t

Q176 I cant sell my games on Etsy or anything?
A176 This is not about making money. Dreams is like a hippy community of creative sharing, man.

Q177 Yeh, but how do I make money off of hippies?
A177 That is a deep question. It probably involves tie-died t-shirts.

Q178 Are you guys ever gonna sell pieces of DLC made by other game developers like okay here’s Cory Barlog’s bathtub or stuff like that
A178 If you guys want Cory Barlog’s bathtub we will make it happen and it will be at least $25. Maybe $99. What the highest price you can go?

Q179 It depends. Is Corey in the bathtub?
A179 If you want it we’ll make it happen.

Q180 Will you guys release the music editor which is so amazing just as a standalone thing in the Playstation Store?
A180 Just get the whole Dreams. I mean just go all in.

Q181 And in a perfect world someday you would just want to see that Dreams section in the Playstation store?
A181 That would be cool.

Q182 That ugly fucking sun from tearaway going to be in this game?
A182 #laughing Your face is so beautiful.
R182 Thank you

Q183 Do you think enough people play Tearaway?
A183 No. Makes me super sad….More people need to play it. Go play it, it’s still there.
R183 Look at the camera
A183 (does so) Go play it.

Q184 How do you market Dreams? Isn’t it hard?
A184 I think we made the PR department cry, marketing department cry.

Q185 Seriously though are you guys going to put those lumpy composers on a t-shirt or something. Is there anything you can do there?
A185 Yeh. Any ideas, please.

Q186 Is Art hard?
A186 No. Art is the muse, channelled through a Dualshock controller.

Q187 Will there ever be a Dreams 2?
A187 There will be a Dreams 2, and 3 and 4 and 5

Q188 Dreams infinite?
A188 Dreams infinity

Q189 How much whimsy do you guys have left though?
A189 There is an infinite pot in Guildford. We can just keep scooping it up.

Q190 Will Dreams carry forward to the Playstation 5 do you think?
A190 Er..What’s that?

Q191 I know it’s impossible but is there any way you can try and predict how Dreams will surprise you when it comes out?
A191 I don’t know how it’s going to surprise me. Things I’m waiting for : really good 2 stick shooter, really good album, please make those two things for me.Please.

Q192 Combined?
A192 2 stick shooter with album please.

Q193 Alright try and predict the first Dream clip that will go viral
A193 How do you predict memes?
R193 The internet really wants to know if you have an answer
A193 I think Dreams is good for memes.

Q194 So in Dreams can I create cross platform play?
A194 Cross platform with which platform are you talking about ?
R194 Just everything, man
A194 Yeh. IPhone confirmed. No.

Q195 Ten years from now can you imagine like a game made in Dreams being sold on a store shelf?
A195 Sure. But I mean who knows what 10…will there be a planet?
R195 A little one
A195 Quite big

Q196 Do you think that maybe Dreams will just be the last game ever made?
A196 No way.

Q197 How hyped should people get for this game?
A197 Super hype. Hyper-hype. Double hype with a hype on top.

Q198 People are gonna have high expectations of stuff they can build. What are they gonna hit?
A198 I think you are still gonna have to do tricks like when you make games…Naughty Dog such tricksters like you know incredible games. Everyone cuts corners does tricks.

Q199 You learn some new tricks?
A199 Yep. You have to find the tricks in Dreams. May take you a while. When you get there – insane stuff.










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