Resigned to 2019 release and development of the site

Despite promises, it is looking very much like Dreams will not be launching this year, and with no announcement about a Beta we may find that even that barely makes it into 2018.

Media Molecule have been working on their ambitious project for 10 years or so. They announced it in 2015, promised a release in 2016, which did not happen, made an announcement in Dec 2017 for a 2018 releaseĀ  and now mid September they have stopped talking about launch and only about the beta. They are not however signing anyone up for it. They have not given us a date, and have only let members of the public play the game at conventions in recent weeks.

I have been very vocal in my disappointment over the delays. Not only have I invested in a Playstation just for Dreams way too early, but I have started this blog with an intention to turn it into a tutorial site for the game. Without a game release all I can do is talk about the Dreams live streams and my increasing frustration at not being able to join in with the fun Media Molecule are clearly having. Its starting to be just a big moaning blog.

So starting today I am not posting any more about the lack of a beta or release. I will however be arranging the site ready for tutorial content. This will be a development process and the site may change its look a few times until I get a structure that works. With no tutorial content available as yet I will make various assumptions about the sort of thing that will be created based on my experience with Project Spark. I apologise that the majority of the site will be empty pages waiting to be filled, but I am sure they will fill up as soon as Dreams is released.

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