Exciting but vague tweet

Beta is nearly here! Well, maybe.

Recent tweet activity by Media Molecule. 24th August 2018

Replying to 

We’re almost there! The Molecules have been working super hard to make sure everything is ready to put the beta in your hands!

The reason I think that Beta is not imminent is the lack of opportunity to apply for the Beta. Maybe they already have enough participants for a very small closed Beta, but an Open Beta does not appear to be happening soon as they have not advertised for people to sign up. I would very much like to get on the Beta for this, but have a sinking feeling that I wont get an opportunity until much later. As I believe the Beta period will be a few months long I do not think we are getting a launch this year – despite promises in Dec 2017.

On the up side, the public have finally managed to get their hands on Dreams at Pax West (something they did not advertise would be happening). At last, real people are making things. And what did they make? Who knows? What we do know is Media Molecule had plenty of doughnuts to eat, they made a pitcher plant with animals in it, a gingerbread man riding on a capybara on top of an alligator, and are working on a sci-fi game jam for the convention. So that’s alright then.

I’m starting to sound bitter. That’s what happens when the love of your life leaves you and you get sent a photo of someone more handsome who appears to be perfect for you, but they’re not currently available for dating. But they keep telling you it wont be long now before you can meet up for that candlelit dinner, while all the time keeping you hanging on with saucy tweets, photos and videos with other women. In the meantime you have started seeing that loser of a boyfriend again, because you dont want to be bored and lonely, who is able to give you some of his time, but its not the same as it was before, and he can’t commit to anything long term. In case you are wondering, I am talking about Project Spark and Dreams not my love life.

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