Sculpting with Kareem (Werewolf) Breakdown

Created by: Media Molecule
Date added to YouTube: 20 Aug 2018
Streamed to Twitch on 17 Aug 2018
Length: 1:26:56

Kareem creates a werewolf model from scratch using the mannequin. No puppetry or logic, just sculpting.

0:23 Introductions
1:17 Kareem talks about the default mannequin
3:13 Building a floor with a primitive cylinder shape and cutting in
5:01 Removing the default floor and enlarging the mannequin
5:20 Adding sun and sky, and grade effects gadget to get a different atmosphere
7:47 Adding a spotlight
9:23 Adding a camera
9:52 Explanation of studio lighting
10:31 Modifying proportions and posing the mannequin
13:46 Mixing colors and spraying the base
16:35 Applying shapes to bulk up the body using the mirror tool
19:11 Removing, cutting and adding to shape the form (sculpting with the virtual clay)
1:01:08 Adding the teeth
1:07:44 Adding hair
1:09:22 Animating movement in the hair
1:11:22 Spray painting the model
1:12:55 Using the looseness tool
1:15:12 Adding glowing eyes
1:17:42 Sculpture completed
1:18:38 Attaching the teeth
1:20:06 Test walk

Q. How much does the complexity of the sculpt affect the thermometer?
A. The game is designed to cope with that style of modelling. A carved shape has almost the same amount of pixels as a solid shape. Hundreds of thousands of edits to add a little bit. We record all your actions so you can go back into them so that adds a little bit to the cost. But we have character models which cost pretty much the same as the sphere they were carved from.

Q.Does scale affect the thermometer? Are there limits to scaling up and down
A. Not really answered, but pretty big and pretty small looking at it.

1:25:56 End


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