The Making of the Molecules (Video Breakdowns)

Date: Posted to YouTube 2 Jul 2018

Looking at the E3 2018 presentation.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Explanation of the stream and what Media Molecule did at E3 this year
7:51 The concert
23:00 Introduce Mark Healey
23:50 Mark plays the first clip used in the concert (he talks about it but you cant hear him)
25:20 Mark shows us the workings of the clip
28:31 Mark makes an animation of a heart from scratch
30:37 Mark adds a Marimba loop to the heart to create dynamic animation
33:46 Clip of the guitar-playing banana
34:17 Tom, Bogdan and Ed, the musicians join the sofa.
35:10 Look at behind the scenes of what the team were seeing on their screens
39:09 Tom shows us the backing track to the second piece (Epid)
40:51 Ed plays us the next track (MLEM)
45:52 Bogdan plays us his metal track (Wrath of Banana)
50:40 A clip of singing celery
50:58 Dave and Mike, the animators come to the sofa.
52:19 Demonstration of the animation map and the puppetry (some parts of the narration are too quiet)
1:05:09 Clip of the singer and oranges in funny hats
1:05:25 Windup


Lucid Stew Breakdown

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