Dreams Live at E3 2018

Creator: Media Molecule
Date: 26 Jun 2018

Media Molecule presented a live music gig at E3. It was designed to showcase the animation and audio capabilities of Dreams.

My thoughts

There was no verbal introduction to this video, they just went straight into their live set. I am not sure the audience had any idea what they were looking at. A group of grown men dancing with their controllers, some animation of fruit and vegetables and a ball DJ playing EDM and a banana playing heavy metal. The audience shots we got showed them standing around looking bewildered (and the room was not very full). I do not blame them. I think this was 11:30 in the morning. Not really the time for a music gig played by fruit – you should save that sort of thing for the evening, preferably after a few glasses. Did the audience understand what was being demonstrated here? Dreams audio capabilities are very impressive, but the music produced here was a little overproduced and it is unclear who was playing what instrument or how it was being made. It is amazing that you can use Dreams to create live music – but did the audience understand that? Does anyone watching this video know that the music being created was being made live? They made their game look like some sort of Guitar Hero title. Maybe there was some discussion before this took place that gave it context, but I haven’t seen that. The animation was cute. However there was a lot of studio light flashing about which distracted from watching the screens, and in some cases obscured it. I like the idea of this, and I hope there was some narrated parts of their presentation that told the audience what Dreams was so that this concert was impressive, and not regarded as just a loud piece of music to show that Dreams can animate a cute looking band made of fruit.



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