I have seen endless demos of Dreams. The wonderful sculpting opportunities, the great character creation tools, the amazing music making component. I have seen Media Molecule recreate characters from other games. I have seen them make art. I have seen them make a mess. But most of all I have seen them having a lot of fun. Since the announcement of a 2018 release date, I have sat patiently waiting for the Beta and release so I can join in with the fun. Six months in, and nothing. No firm date, no Beta.

Every month they trot out another Twitch stream of Media Molecule developers having a great time playing with Dreams. Honestly, I am sick of it. Instead of tweaking my interest or keeping me hyped for the game it is making me feel frustrated and annoyed. Yeah, great you can make bounce pads with your own effects….then LET ME TRY. The music tools are awesome, let us play you some of our cacophonous attempts at music….fantastic, when will I GET A GO. Look at our wonderful campaign characters, let us play you the same clip of a guy clambering out of a guitar case over and over because it is so cool…..STUFF THE CAMPAIGN GIVE ME THE DAMN GAME!

I was really expecting them to give a release announcement at E3 – or at the very least a season. Nothing. Although they gave a presentation and had a stand, they made no pronouncements, and they were not featured in the Sony Press Conference.

Games like this rely heavily on community engagement. Without a community creating amazing content this game will die on its feet, and right now I do not feel the engagement is setting the right tone. We need to trust Media Molecule. How much would you trust someone if every time you asked them a question they tapped the side of their nose and with a wry smile on their face said ….just wait and see. It is charming at first, but after 6 months of it, you just want a straight answer. I don’t want more demos of Media Molecule developers laughing and joking while they make robots and muscle-bound penguins. They don’t need to sell it to me anymore. This is me right now:

I am guessing that if we do get a 2018 release date it will be December – literally a few days before they have been caught in a lie. I want to be wrong about this. I want it to release tomorrow. I do not even have an idea at the price-point. That would be good to know too.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to release a bug-ridden game, but if their game was a year from completion why make an announcement with any sort of date? There is also the worry that we have another No Man’s Sky or Sea of Thieves debacle on our hands, where the community expectations will be so high that we will be disappointed with the product. From what I have seen from the demos this is unlikely, but I can still be disappointed if there is much more delay, after all life goes on and I cannot hang around forever waiting for a game, I may have a new hobby by then. Wait too long and all the interest will have dwindled. Let’s hope this does not happen for Media Molecule, because this game is a potential software house killer.


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