Music in Dreams PS4 (Video Breakdowns)

Created by Media Molecule
Live Stream on Twitch: 18 May 2018
Posted to YouTube: 21 May 2018

In this video the team discuss the music creation parts of Dreams.


0:00 Titles
0:15 Introduced to the Audio department (Tom Colvin, Ed Hargrave and Bogdan Vera)
1:02 Tom demonstrates the music menu to put in ready-made music and shows us the piece he made
3:43 Ed demonstrates the piece of music he made
6:42 Bogdan demonstrates his piece
8:38 Ed talks about making music from pre-made loops
12:48 Tom demonstrates how to create your own loop
14:08 A look at a Synth Bass instrument
16:04 A look at a piano sample instrument, making a piece of music
18:35 Editing the music to add notes manually
21:11 Tweaking your loops with effects and settings to create new instruments
23:17 A look at a drum instrument
24:18 The “arpeggiator” Making rhythmic patterns easier
26:44 Publishing your completed piece
26:59 How to make an instrument using a microphone
28:22 Looking at a waveform of a recorded sound (sample view) and making a new instrument using beat-boxing
31:20 Making your own effect fields
34:24 Ed sings into the microphone and an instrument of lah’s is made
35:53 Making a chorus from one voice
37:26 Playing chords
38:50 Adding a bass using voice
43:33 The Mystery Sound (Fire Alarm)
45:54 Applying effects to the timeline
48:35 Using Logic to manipulate music depending on action in the game or vice versa
52:20 Q&A

Q. How do you import sounds?
A. As well as through the microphone, you can also import sounds you have recorded into Dreams, and plug in an audio interface into the PS4 and directly record guitar etc.

Q.Can you separately activate multiple tracks on a music sequencer?

Q.Can you play a track in reverse?
A. Yes, in fact you can control the playhead to go wherever you want. The timeline does not only have to go forward, it can stop or go back. 53:59 Demonstration of adding a slider to the playhead

Q. Can you rename and organise your instrument an music files?
A. Yes, you just click to rename.

Q. How does this translate to sound effects?
A. The same components are available in the sound effect and music creation components.

Q. Are there orchestral sounds?
A. There will be pre-made instruments and sound effects. 57:41 Demonstration of clarinet.

Q, Can you sing and record your own voice?
A. Yes of course.

58:56 Making sequences into 3D objects and placing them in the world so that sound appears to come from that area without affecting it’s position n the world.
1:01:13 The Beatbox – An instrument in play mode. How to use Dreams to make live music performance.

Lucid Stew Breakdown


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  1. This was really helpful. I came here to learn how to create & manipulate effect fields. I use Dreams almost exclusively for music creation & I’ve noticed that the in-game music tutorials are very few & basic. Hopefully MM can look into this.


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