Music in Dreams (My Thoughts)

See video breakdown to view the video.

The latest Media Molecule live stream featured the Music making side of the game. They have got to be kidding! The complexity and versatility of the music side of this game is so immense it is almost as if this is a professional tool in it’s own right. Here are some of the things it can do

  • Loop sequencing
  • Loop creation
  • Sound manipulation
  • Inputs from various sources including voice and real instruments.
  • Instrument creation from sound waves

In fact, I do not know of any program on any platform that has these features. There will be people who come to Dreams just to play with this, and nothing else. They even demonstrated how a virtual synthesizer/beat box could be made and then used for live performance. Dreams is not only a game maker, it is now a musician’s tool.

One thing for sure, this is not a kids game. This is a serious professional tool for people with skill. The learning curve on just this part will be huge. There will be masters of it, and some great music will come of it I am certain. I can’t wait to hear everything.

Please tell us there will be a manual. Dreams is showing itself off to be a highly complicated creature, and I am not sure an online gaming style tutorial is really going to be enough. A manual for the music creation tools seems to be in order here.



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