The Making of Comic Sands (Video Breakdown)

Live Stream on Twitch 20 Apr 2018
Released YouTube 23 Apr 2018 by Media Molecule
Length: 52:11

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John, Abbie, Ed and Alex show off the Logic and Design elements of Dreams, as well as giving a behind-the-scenes look at what went in to creating Comic Sands during TrainJam 2018.

Here is a breakdown of everything shown in the video.


2:11 Playthrough of Comic Sands
3:52 Edit Mode run through
……. 4:14 How the frame was created
……. 7:11 Timelines and Trigger Zones
……. 8:53 How the Socket Puppet was added
……. 9:27 How the effect of frame jumping was achieved
……. 9:49 3D mode and visible toggles

11:22 Exit Comic Sands

12:13 Remix Desert
……. 12:32 Add a character
……. 13:52 Adding a path
……. 15:12 Making a Bounce Pad
…………… 15: 12 Action Recorder
…………… 16:17 Add a trigger zone
…………… 19:29 Add a sound effect
…………… 23:04 Making a special effect from scratch
…………… 25:52 Adding a microchip
…………… 28:38 Add a camera
…………… 31:09 Making an assembly
…………… 32:13 Building the level

34:17 Exit Desert

34:32 Q & A

36:21 Comic Sands Edit Mode
……. 36:27 Drawing a line and making it wiggle
……. 37:35 Creating a wind effect
……. 38:35 Tumbleweed
……. 39:33 Change sky
……. 41:35 Diamond Collectables
……. 43:33 Animation of Sock Puppet
……. 44:18 Main character Microchip

Question and Answer Sessions

Q. Is it possible to launch a dream with the Imp already controlling a character?
A. Absolutely.Comic Sands does just that.

Q. Can we paint in air without a 3D shape underneath?
A. Absolutely. I did it earlier.

Q. If I was animating a character but then improved it would I be able to save the animation on a microchip and put it on the new character?
A. Absolutely. You can update at any time, even after you have shared it you can change it and the new version will update with everyone who has it.

Q. How extensive will the in-built tutorials be?
A. We are working on lots of tutorials. We will also be doing streams and how to’s. We will have pre made stuff you can use and remix.

Q. Will there be a way to parent objects together without using the equivalent of a LBP follower component for example you need someone to hold something then drop it.
A. We can definitely do that. You can join things together, you can glue things together. You can stick them in the same loop so they move together.

Q. With emitters is there an option to change the object that emits automatically by tags or otherwise. When I have a ton of emitters on the same object I want to update them all at the same time.
A. Yes. Emitters can look for a thing to emit. When you change it all the other emitters will automatically change.

Q. Will there be rag doll physics in Dreams?
A. Yes.The way the puppets work use in game joints. You can turn off the power to a puppet so it falls like a rag doll.

Q. Will I be able to delete parts of a character just like in create mode while controlling a character. Sort of like the Worms games where the character is walking on snow and the feet are deleting the snow.
A. You cannot sculpt in play mode.

Q. Can you make asymmetrical characters.
A. Yes. Absolutely you can create one-sided characters.


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  1. Nice blog, however it’d be nice to know your thoughts on the stream, rather than just a breakdown of what happened. Can’t wait for release.


    1. The main purpose of this site is to be educational – so my focus to start with was to provide a resource – however, I also have a blog on this site, so I have acted on your suggestion and made a separate page. I too cannot wait for the release.


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