GDC Stream: Cutscene Creation and Puppeteering

26 Mar 2018

Making a cut scene. Items featured in this demo include:

(0.00) Cave set with butterflies and cute Dragon character

  • Fog effect (4:20)
  • sky box interface (5:50)
  • adding a light (6:59)
  • creating 2D animation (8:01)
  • creating movement with a path (10:31)
  • Lancewing puppet model (13:01)
  • placing a camera gizmo (13:30)
  • puppetry (15:00)
  • using a microphone to add speech and mouth movements to your puppet (15:44)
  • mesh swapping of heads for expressions (16:46)

(24:52) Dark, blue floored set

  • Biped model movement interface (24:52)
  • Wheeled character controlled by dualshock (37:50)
  • Cinema usher character (40:28)
  • Sitting old man (42:02)
  • Lancewing in a cage (42:56)



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