Cake, cake and more cake…but no game

I’ve been following Media Molecule on Twitter in the hope of getting a release date on Dreams, and this is what they are posting…

Just in case you were worrying that the hard working developers at Media Molecule were skimping on their calories then fear not. Here are the posts of cake and other food they have made.

It all looks delicious. Lets hope all this cake inspires them to work on Dreams even more and release the Beta soon. 4 months into 2018 and no announcement of the Beta trial or launch date. Only 8 months to go before 2018 is over.

I hope the concentration on baking cakes is not at the expense of working on the game! Only joking. Enjoy your team birthdays guys, don’t get too fat! But lets have a date now please. Not the type you put in a cake!


I tweeted about a Dreams Workspace for people to create twitch streams and videos believing it to be an official Media Molecule facility. It wasnt but they responded like this:

Replying to 

Hey Alexa! This is one of our awesome CoMmunity teams creating prototypes for what they’ll create in ! Our offices are full of busy Molecules, cake and the occasional dog!

I replied

Oh we all know about the cake! (Having already posted this blog page).


Replying to 

We are very, very proud of our cake, Alexa. ❤️




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