Still no release date. A mistake?

We should have got the Dreams Beta in 2016. It is now the end of Feb 2018 and it has still not appeared. Although I think it was a good call to delay the release if there were issues with the title, the continual lack of a confirmed Beta or launch date is concerning. Are there still problems with the program? What is stopping Media Molecule from putting us all out of our misery and giving us a more specific timeline than “2018”? Once bitten, twice shy?

Although it is great to see more streams of Kareem building things in Dreams, it is also incredibly frustrating that we cant build things in Dreams. When Project Spark closed in 2016 many of us believed we could move on with Dreams, but 2 years on, and our game creator replacement has not appeared. I have gone back to making things in Project Spark. It is still fun, but I would like to make things in Dreams instead, where I can share and play in a community. You can tell from the comments on the videos that people are hyped up for the release, but how many more videos will be put up this year before the comments change their tone from excitement to frustration?

I have invested in a PS4 now. All I need is the game I bought it for. I would feel more comfortable if we could get a more approximate release date, even if it is as late as Christmas 2018. There is a concern that any hype being generated now may fizzle out by the time the game actually releases if it is a long time in the future. It is already a niche interest title, and I do not believe the general public are very aware of it. The 2 year delay may make for a better product, but has momentum been lost? Hopefully a big marketing campaign will accompany the release. Fingers crossed that it is sooner rather than later.


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