Dreams: Art, Film-making and Design

What will be the strengths of Dreams? Will it be the 3D modelling tools? This music creation system? The ability to make games? From all the videos put out by Media Molecule, the emphasis had definitely been on the artistic elements of the game. Although they recently had a gamejam where games were made, there still appeared to be a concentration on artistic presentation.

The modelling tools are pretty impressive. They refer to it as virtual clay, where the player can mould and create any character, prop or landscape they want using primitive shapes to place and carve out their design. Media Molecule have demonstrated some artistic models, such as a still life study of fruit, and anatomic studies of men and women. It looks great, but how easy is it to do? These models are being created by artists. Most people that will get Dreams will not be. There is a concern that what can be made with limited artistic talent may not be any where near the quality of what is being shown in their gameplay videos. Most things being created in dreams will probably look pretty weird.

However, artists that decide to use Dreams will have a great tool for expressing creativity. I am expecting some great animations to blow everyone away. The puppetry and recording element will allow filmmakers to make some great shorts. I am looking forward to seeing them.

We do need to see the game making side of it more though. With so much emphasis on art, I am not sure it attracting enough excitement. Art is great, but I want to create games and I am still unclear how that is possible with this title.

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