Dreams Trailer v Project Spark promo

After seeing the newest Dreams trailer I got the deja vu feeling that I had seen this before. Then I remembered the starting video they would play before Project Spark live streams. Putting them side by side it became clear that almost beat for beat the videos had the same feel, even down to the final sequence of the community levels appearing in smaller squares and bubbles. So I posted a side by side video of them. It became a bit of a contentious thing in the comments. How dare I compare Project Spark to Dreams! Dreams is superior in every way! Little Big Planet is superior to Project Spark! I have down votes – I never get down votes on my videos.  Chill out people, I was only comparing the promo styles. Of course Dreams is going to be superior to Project Spark, it will launch 5 years after (and 5 years is a long time in computing). I want it to be superior, Project Spark had many flaws that made creation frustrating at times. Its not a competition. You are not lumbered with one or the other, you can like or love both (and LBP as well). You can take your “you can only support one football team at a time” mentality somewhere else please. Creators unite.


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