Community Q&A (2 Jan 2018) with transcription


Transcription (paraphrased and shortened)

Q: Whats the max number of players you can have at one time?
A:  We do 2 player couch co-op. You can collaborate together in hundreds, but not all that the same time. 4 players at any one time.

Q: How will community levels be shared? Will there be cool levels, dive in, tags? Will it be like the previous systems we have seen in LBP?
A: We have a social media platform built into Dreams where you can follow people, collaborate with them, get rewards for the things you have shared. If you are designer it will let people know you are a designer, if you an artist it will let them know you are an artist. So if you are interested in finding a musician you can. We have loads of different ways to make sure cool levels are seen.

Q: How big can the levels be?
A: Much like LBP we have a thermometer. It is up to you how you fill that thermometer. We will give helpful guides to tell you where you are “spending your budget”. The size has not been set yet. There is a simplify tool to reduce complexity and the size of your sculpts.

Q: Can you link levels and have side quests?
A: You will be able to make your own maps in Dreams and string levels together.

Q: Will there be limits to how many levels you can make?
A: No, just keep making. We are not going to say you have had enough Dreams

Q: What’s the better style of controller for creating? Move or DS?
A: They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Everything you can make with a move controller you can make with a DS4. The artists like the move controllers, while game testers like to work with the DS4.

Q: Are there different typography and fonts we can use in Dreams?
A: We haven’t finalised what fonts we are going to have. We dont know if there will be one or more. You can draw your own typography.

Q: Do you have any examples of vehicles?
A: We dont, but you will be able to make them.

Q: How do go about making physics effects, like a ripple when you throw a stone in a pond?
A: At the moment we do not have any fluid physics. Maybe later with DLC. You may be able to create something with special effects.






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