My plans for this Blog

So, this website is going to be a searchable catalogue of tutorials, both written and on video, which will primarily be made by Media Molecule and the Community rather than myself. Why am I not writing the tutorials? Well, initially I will be learning the application, and as I haven’t played Little Big Planet in 7 years, I may find the learning curve for this pretty steep (assuming, as every one else does, that the logic and tools will be familiar to LBP players, and they will pick it up much more quickly). So, I will be using this time to write a daily blog on my progress and tell you all what I have learned and what I have had a go at making. I may add videos to this. I am hoping I will be in a position to write my own tutorials, but I dont want to give out bad advice so it may be a few months down the line. Or earlier if I have a breakthrough.

As the tutorials are made I will be adding to the site menu and creating a fully indexed and searchable catalogue. This should make it easier to find what you need to help you improve your skills, or just find that missing bit of knowledge.

Obviously things are quiet at the moment. There is no news on Beta dates or launch dates (other than 2018), but hopefully something will happen soon.

Cheeky request. If anyone from Media Molecule is out there reading this can you help me get on the Beta trial? Early access would really help get this website going so it is a good resource before launch.

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