My reaction to Game Awards Trailer

We start with a man in a coffin-come-guitar case narrating what appears to be a Film Noir sequence then another look at the cutesy bear character, and a new fox character. These apparently form part of the play side of the game, while the second half of the trailer shows the create side.

This trailer emphasises the dark side of Dreams, the nightmare side if you will, and it looks amazing. The quick fire clips of community levels shows a space invaders style game, racers, artwork, platformers and point and click style adventures. It is very reminiscent of the video clip that used to be used before early live streams from Team Dakota as they played Project Spark. Not a bad thing as far as I am concerned.

It is looking promising as a game creation tool now, as opposed to the art/animation tool that the previous trailers were showing. The actual create and programming mechanics are still a bit shrouded in mystery from this, despite a few brief shots of creation in progress. It is still unclear how easy or difficult it is going to be to use.

All this new activity for the game is however causing some serious “lets buy a PS4” conversations at home. It looks as if 2018 is going to be the year for Dreams. I just wish I knew I could get on the Beta if I bought a PS4, otherwise I might wait until the game inevitably comes out in a console bundle. Early access would be great though.

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